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No Money In Piping and Drumming ????

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.. No Money In Piping and Drumming ????

Post by Piping Connections on Fri 1 Aug - 15:06:03

interesting wee article in the Piping Times today, There is obviously a wee niggle between the COP and Piping Centre but looking past that the Piping Centre have shown an Income of 1,134,438 in 2007, from where ime sitting thats a huge amount of money. And a huge jump from 89000 the previous year
1 Where did this money come from ??
2 What are they going to do with it to promote Piping and Drumming world wide

Yeah we know there are overheads but 1.2 million pounds !!!

To put it into perspective The RSPBA brought in 340,200


another wee point that, i couldnt find the figures on myself, but according to COP this Piping Live festival the week prior to the worlds is running at a loss of 14500 and the Parent body of the event The Piping Centre paid themselves 19000 for office rent and 15000 Admin Costs from the Piping Live Kitty !!!!

are we beeing dupped here as its a captive audience leading up to the worlds whats the top prize value in the grades at the worlds dont think it will be anywhere near 1,134,438..

Some of the American, Canadian Bands should find this interesting reading as i have been informed from a very reliable source that a Top Canadian band spends 75,000 annually to travel over year after year,

Perhaps our wee hobby has passed beeing an amateur sport and we are missing the boat in selling ourseleves to the corporate market out there.

reply as you see fit !!! Pint
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.. Re: No Money In Piping and Drumming ????

Post by Redneck on Fri 1 Aug - 19:57:29

The overheads I can understand, but, if it's a charity why pay for lessons/seminars.
The tutors obviously would need paid especialy if there on a full time basis, but that's quite a lot of money generated.
What wage are they on?.......seems from the amount declared that it's a tidy living.

The profit......staggering, how will it be put back into piping, am no finace wizkid, but someone somewhere will benifit from this.
Hope it's some kids scheme 'n not some self appointed LORD of PIPING.

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.. Re: No Money In Piping and Drumming ????

Post by Dai Robb on Fri 1 Aug - 20:50:40

The scary thing is that 90% of "Charities" rip off approximately 70% of any money collected, be it in tin cans on street corners, money bequeathed to them or otherwise. It is put towards Administration costs?
Perhaps ther old adage of "Charity" beginning at home? is being taken literally?
Dai Robb

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.. Re: No Money In Piping and Drumming ????

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